New Eglinton service “ticks all the boxes” with Development Assessment Panel

New Eglinton service “ticks all the boxes” with Development Assessment Panel

by Freya Lucas

January 15, 2021

Western Australia’s Metro Outer Development Assessment Panel has conditionally approved plans for an early childhood education and care (ECEC) service on the corner of Indigo Street and Heath Avenue in Eglinton with a provision that construction should start within four years. 


Plans for a $2.2 million centre received development approval. The proposed development can accommodate 104 children and 21 staff, and will operate from 6.30 am to 7pm on weekdays. 


The site is located within Eglinton Estates in Stockland’s Amberton Beach estate, and is located near community amenities such as a skate park and oval. 


Parking on the site falls short of required numbers by five parking spaces, however panel member Sheryl Chaffer said “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.” 


During public consultation earlier this year, the City of Wanneroo received three submissions, which all supported the development, local publication Perth Now said


Wanneroo councillor Frank Cvitan said the facility would benefit the area, describing it as one of the first applications he’s dealt with where “all the boxes have been ticked.” 


Ms Chaffer acknowledged that the development application was somewhat premature given the population of the Estate, but noted that Eglinton “is up and coming and is going to grow.”


Ms Chaffer said the development was premature for the current population, however that was increasing.


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