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Write a new chapter in 2021 – The Story House Difference

by Freya Lucas

December 10, 2020

As any year draws to a close, it is natural for educators and leaders to reflect on their opportunities, sense of purpose, and lessons learned throughout the year, ready to face the incoming year with a renewed sense of drive, purpose and passion. 


Following the challenges of 2020, however, many educators are reflecting more deeply on what truly holds value for them. The evolution of the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, being the first to be removed from economic support payments, have left many educators reassessing their roles, and wondering about their place within the sector. 


While some educators were supported with extra financial assistance from their employers, access to mental health support, and were treated with kindness and respect during some complex challenges, others were left feeling “hung out to dry”, leaving them to think about what’s truly important to them in an employer, and what values they hold about themselves and their place in the sector. 


It’s this focus on values, and the value of connectedness in particular, that stands out for existing employees of Story House Early Learning, an early childhood provider with 33 services operating across New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, with two new centres opening in 2021. 


The values of respect, integrity and commitment carried the Story House team through the turmoil of COVID 19, with everyone pulling together as a team, and reaching rostering compromises which ensured everyone was able to remain employed, from the leadership team to educators, 


It’s this respect and integrity, when combined with a culture of openness and true collaboration that helps Story House live up to it’s descriptor of “a large family owned business with a corporate structure in place”.


Balancing the unique and responsive features of an independently owned and operated service with all the benefits of a more formalised and corporate structure, leaders within Story House are hands-on, responsive, and most importantly, present and available in services. 


“We have a very supportive centre manager, who supports us morally and guides our practice. There are plenty of opportunities for professional development for all. The co-educators help each other and we work together as a close knit family,” long time employee Jasvir said. 


Story House knows that belonging, and having an understanding of self, is not something that is only important for children and families. Staff, too, need a supportive active learning environment to follow their interests, feel success, thrive and have fun. 


With the opening of two new services in the new year, and a focus on continuous improvement, Story House is actively recruiting for educators to join their team, building on their commitment to provide quality programs to children and to continue each employee’s professional journey through continuous improvement initiatives and professional growth opportunities.


“By engaging the right people, we ensure that we can consistently deliver quality services, and by developing our people we enhance their opportunities across locations and departments, which provides us with a greater depth of talent across the organisation,” recruitment advisor Kelly Murphy explained. 


This commitment to quality people was a strong source of pride for Director Cassandra, who said she appreciates the investment Story House has made in her growth as a professional. 


“When I first started I was in a 2IC/room leader role and have since then been promoted to director, during this transition I have felt very supported from our management team and support office,” Cassandra said.  


This support has not only allowed Cassandra to further her knowledge in ‘so many areas’ of the early childhood sector, but also to grow personally and professionally, accessing new career opportunities.


2021 will be a year in which Story House continues to grow and develop. Collaboration across teams and a supportive management structure means that services within the network are ready to support new educators of varied backgrounds and experiences to a team which will encourage them to reach their full potential. 


To learn more about Story House Early Learning please visit the website, here

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