C&K celebrates World Teachers Day and the role teachers play in the lives of children

C&K celebrates World Teachers Day and the role teachers play in the lives of children

by Freya Lucas

October 30, 2020

In acknowledgement of World Teachers Day, celebrated in Australia on 30 October, early childhood provider, C&K, has issued a statement noting the efforts made by teachers in meeting the ever present challenges of 2020, and the “incredible role that early childhood teachers play in building a lifelong love of learning for Queensland children.”


CEO Jane Bourne said teachers “deserve our thanks and appreciation” for continuing to provide high-quality education through innovative ways of teaching and learning, even as the world has struggled with the rapid changes of program and practice to meet COVID-19 restrictions and requirements. 


C&K teachers, she said, “have shown great resilience during the pandemic and have continued to connect and engage with children by creating, adapting and extending playful learning experiences that are appropriate for every age and stage of development.” 


“We know the first five years are critical to a child’s development, and our teachers are passionate about nurturing lifelong skills like curiosity, cooperation, and confidence,” she added, noting that those who are teaching with C&K are “honoured to be a part of every child’s learning journey and for those meaningful relationships and connections that they have built with families and communities.”


“This World Teachers Day and beyond, I encourage the community to take a moment to thank their teacher for all of the amazing work they do every day,” she said.


Further information about how to celebrate World Teachers Day may be found here