Children’s Rights highlighted as Australia celebrations National Children’s Week

Children’s Rights highlighted as Australia celebrations National Children’s Week

by Freya Lucas

October 28, 2020

National Children’s Week, which runs from Saturday 24 October – 1 November 2020, showcases the rights of every child to grow up happy, safe and thriving, and recognises the contributions young people make to our world. 


During Children’s Week, adults are asked to reflect on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and how these apply to children’s everyday lives. In 2020, Children’s Week showcases UNCRC Article 15 – Children have the right to meet together and join groups and organisations as long as it does not stop other people from enjoying their rights. 


Children’s Week State Ambassador for Queensland, Cheryl Vardon, said that while the week brings specific attention to the UNCRC Article 15 it also shines a light on all the rights listed out in the convention.


“It is important for children to understand their rights and responsibilities in order to keep them safe and succeeding. As a community it’s our job to make sure the rights of children are upheld and understood particularly in these challenging times,” she said.


Organisations, communities and individuals, Children’s Rights Queensland (CRQ) President Dan Marais said, are using Children’s Week to consciously raise awareness of the needs, rights and achievements of children and engage, empower and support them and their communities.


This year in Queensland more than 110 schools and early childhood services are participating in the week, including through the ‘TypeRights’ alphabet initiative. 


Children aged between three and eighteen years of age are encouraged to design their favourite letter of the alphabet using drawings or artwork to express what is important to them with the UNCRC as a guide for creativity.


For more information about Children’s Week please see here