As Queensland heads to the polls, survey shows most support reform of early learning

As Queensland heads to the polls, survey shows most support reform of early learning

by Freya Lucas

October 27, 2020

Early learning is not only at the top of the Federal political agenda but new polling reveals the majority of Queenslanders (64 per cent) support reform of the early learning system so it is accessible to everyone, a poll, conducted by Essential Research in late August shows. 


The Essential Research poll showed early learning has strong support across the political spectrum, with Georgie Dent, Executive Director of The Parenthood, calling on political leaders to be willing to act on feedback from their constituents. 


“Early learning and care should be a clear priority for whichever party forms government in Queensland,” Ms Dent said, noting that around one in nine of those who will head to the Queensland polls on Saturday are parents using early childhood education and care (ECEC) services.  


Ms Dent noted that the state “currently lags behind all others in Australia by investing less per child in early learning in their preschool year and, unlike Victoria and New South Wales, does not support three year old children to access a second year of early learning before they start school.”


“There are few better investments in Queensland’s COVID recovery than funding universal, high-quality early learning and care,” she added. 


“Putting money back in the pockets of working families is a significant part of getting Queensland’s economy moving again, boosting women’s workforce participation and giving children the best start to life.”


Ms Dent said the existing early learning system has, over the years, become “complex and outdated,” saying that “now is the time for bipartisan support for a key economic reform that will drive workforce participation, productivity, and government revenue in Queensland.” 


Further information about the Essential Research polling process may be accessed here