Kangarootime’s customer centric approach wins hearts and minds just weeks after service launches in Australia
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Kangarootime’s customer centric approach wins hearts and minds just weeks after service launches in Australia

by Jason Roberts

October 20, 2020

Kangarootime, the early childhood education and care software provider, has confirmed that the Group has made considerable progress in winning hearts and minds just weeks after the service launched


Commenting, CEO Scott Wayman said, “We were always confident that we could make a difference to Australian ECEC providers but have been truly humbled by the response and commitment expressed so far.”


At the heart of the early success is the recognition that the Group’s bespoke “Luminary Partners” scheme which enables the Kangarootime platform to be configured in a way that meets the precise needs of the customer and provides the customer with maximum support over the short, medium and long term. 


Kangarootime, which was founded in 2015 and already has a significant presence in the United States, has built a reputation for its strong value set and customer centric approach.


“We talk a lot about our mission, and our ethos to work relentlessly for our customers. What is special about our approach is that we combine this discipline with state of the art technologies at every level.” said Mr Wayman.  


Kangarootime succeeds in fulfilling its commitment to customers by not only commanding a technology platform that is able to deliver best in class intelligence, enterprise and customer experiences, but is able to do so by building a micro-system architecture that is API first and uses intelligent, predictive technologies in a truly efficient manner. 


“Our back end is something we are really proud of and enables us to deliver the experience our ‘Luminary Partners’ deserve but what is really special is the application of what’s known as ‘Heads of House’ development streams where experts in data, early education, fintec and CCS platforms come together to capture the latest advances in each stream to incorporate into the system.”


From a feature perspective, Kangarootime is particularly excited about bringing their enterprise level dashboard and reporting functionality which provides managers with a direct line of sight on all organisational aspects of the business that matter such as staff management and scheduling, billing and payments, occupancy management and optimisation, team management and onboarding as well as children’s health and safety with each capability crafted to meet the needs of the family, educator, service and organisation alike.


In addition, the importance of connecting with external providers of other software solutions via integrations and partnerships is not lost on the team, whether it be payroll, staffing or parent engagement, they will support all relationships to ensure the optimum solution is found.


Sharyn Fewster, General Manager Australia said  “It’s been a whirlwind couple of months as we hit the road to ascertain the real needs and the real hurts within the sector when it comes to CCS technologies. We have heard the message loud and clear and pride ourselves in presenting clients with technologies that are fit for purpose.”


“We are a CCS company first and foremost so integrity of promise and sensitivity to the customer needs is of utmost importance to our successes.”


Jump over to the Kangarootime stand at the ECEC Innovation Forum 2020 Virtual Conference and have a chat to find out more.


To learn more about Kangarootime please contact Sharyn Fewster on 1300 993 226 or [email protected]

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