ECEC re-opening schedule for Victoria Metro and Regional services confirmed, OSHC and VC guidance also included

by Jason Roberts

September 06, 2020

The opening timetable for Victorian early childhood education and care (ECEC) providers located in Metropolitan and Regional Melbourne has been confirmed as part of a broader Reopening Roadmap released by the Victorian State Government. 


The Roadmap, which consists of four steps back to a “COVID Normal” environment, has specific trigger points for the easing of restrictions that are linked to the number of COVID cases reported each day. 


For ECEC services located in Metropolitan Melbourne they will be able to re-open as normal, with no permits required for parents, on 28 September 2020 if the average daily new cases of COVID-19 reported falls into the 30 to 50 cases a day range. 


Victoria recorded a further 63 new cases of COVID-19 today, just over 50 per cent lower than the 114 reported last Sunday and the lowest daily count since 28 June 2020 when they reported 49 new cases just before the second wave took off in earnest. 


If the number of cases does not achieve this condition the Second Step will not be enactedand these services will not be allowed to open. 


For ECEC services located in Regional Melbourne the roadmap is slightly different, with services being allowed to open on 14 September 2020 regardless of the numbers of COVID-19 cases being reported. 


Referring to ECEC specifically Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews said in his press release that in the Second Step “Childcare will also open without permits – making life a little less stressful for parents working from home.”


The Victorian Department of Education has also released an update in which it confirms the following details for outside school hours care and vacation care services:


  • Children will be able to attend vacation care during the Term 3 school holidays (Monday 21 September to Friday 2 October 2020), only if they are eligible to attend on-site supervision at school during Term 3. 


  • Children will be able to continue to attend OSHC only if they are eligible to attend school. As children recommence on-site schooling during Term 4, they will also be eligible to attend before and after school care.


The update also notes that “School councils and OSHC providers are encouraged to continue working together to provide care for children eligible to attend OSHC.”


To access the Roadmaps please click here


To read the DoE update please click here.