NSC Employer Survey confirms strong demand for ECEC workers
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NSC Employer Survey confirms strong demand for ECEC workers

by Jason Roberts

June 16, 2020

The National Skills Commission, a new division of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE), that focuses on the Australian labour market, current and future skills needs and workforce development issues, has published its monthly Jobs in Demand Employer Survey, confirming that early childhood education and care (ECEC) related occupations and skills remain in strong demand and were difficult to recruit for in the period under review.  


The survey, conducted from 11 May to 5 June, had2,400 employers responding, highlighting the following three points with respect to ECEC:


  1. That ECEC workers were the third most in demand occupation in the period,
  2. That ECEC workers were the second most difficult occupation to recruit and;
  3. That assisting and caring for others was the third most in demand technical skill required by respondents.


The results of the survey are likely to be consistent with the experience of many operators during the period of May and early June, where occupancy continued to grow, in some cases much higher, driving a corresponding need to increase team numbers to meet ratio requirements.  


The increased demand for ECEC workers, particularly Certificate III qualified educators, has translated into the survey results and is expected to persist as demand continues to build over the coming months.  


To view the monthly dashboard please click here


To visit the National Skills Commission information portal please click here

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