Jason Renshaw appointed Chief Learning Officer at Goodstart Early Learning

Jason Renshaw appointed Chief Learning Officer at Goodstart Early Learning

by Jason Roberts

June 07, 2020

Goodstart Early Learning has appointed Jason Renshaw to be the Group’s first Chief Learning Officer in a move that will help Goodstart align the development of its workforce with its strategic and organisational objectives. 


Mr Renshaw has previously held a range of learning focussed organisational roles having been the founder of Epistemic, a Learning to Lead advisory that helps professionals, teams and organisations enhance their ability to understand, switch between and combine different types of knowledge to improve outcomes, Chief Learning Officer at Australian Unity and the Chief Learning Innovation Officer at Australian School of Applied Management.  


Prior to that, he worked as an executive director at the National Education Schools Leadership Institute (NESLI) Australia and New Zealand and both the University of Melbourne and Open University in learning design roles. 


Commenting on social media Mr Renshaw said he was “Delighted to be joining Goodstart Early Learning’s executive leadership team as Chief Learning Officer. Having spent 15 years at the beginning of my career teaching younger learners and developing educators globally, this feels like an amazing loop back into a sector I have always been deeply passionate about.”


He then went on to add that “I’m super excited about contributing to Goodstart’s strongly for-purpose mission and social inclusion agenda!”


Mr Renshaw will join Tracey McFarland, Chief Experience Officer, Sue Robb OBE, Pedagogy and Practice General Manager and Myra Geddes, Social Impact General Manager on the Executive team alongside Julia Davison, Chief Executive Officer and Jeff Harvie Chief Financial Officer and Interim Chief Operating Officer.