Applications open for “Top-Up” payment for ECEC Relief Package
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Applications open for “Top-Up” payment for ECEC Relief Package

by Jason Roberts

April 12, 2020

Federal Minister for Education Dan Tehan has confirmed that the new ‘top-up’ special circumstances payment is available to services that have seen their revenues cut due to the application of the ECEC relief package but who have also seen occupancy levels maintained or increased since the reference period and that applications are now open. 


The payment, called the Supplementary Relief Payment, will be paid in addition to the ECEC Relief Package payment and will be made available specifically to services that meet the following criteria:


  • The number of enrolments and attendances at a service from 6 April 2020 onwards has been maintained or is demonstratively higher than the number of enrolments or attendances in the reference period; and/or


  • A service experiences a significantly higher demand for child care for vulnerable and disadvantaged children during the period 6 April 2020 to 28 June 2020


Application for the supplementary payment can be made through an online application form that can be found at the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) website here and a detailed summary of the process as outlined in an earlier The Sector article can be found here.  


Commenting on the latest payment Mr Tehan noted that “The ECEC Relief Package is complemented by the JobKeeper Payment and now the Supplementary Relief Payment to ensure services remain viable and can offer care to the children of essential workers and vulnerable children.”


Mr Tehan’s statement also noted that DESE had made an advanced payment to services under the ECEC Relief Package combining the second and third relief payment and to provide services with financial support whilst they apply for the JobKeeper Payment and find out if they are eligible and apply for an exceptional circumstances Supplementary Relief Payment.

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