NSW Government releases resource hub to support the transition to school

NSW Government releases resource hub to support the transition to school

by Freya Lucas

January 21, 2020

New South Wales Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell has this morning announced the release of a Back to School Hub that hosts a range of information designed to support parents and families to get specific advice to support their child/ren as they begin, or return, to school.


“As a mother myself, I know I had a lot of questions before my daughter started Kindergarten, so I wanted to make sure we had advice available on every aspect of school preparation for parents like me right across the State,” Ms Mitchell said.


The resource hub contains information covering practical elements – like stationery, uniforms and lunches, through to advice about what is expected in terms of study and behaviour, and how to prepare students to be safe online, she added. 


Designed to be “as easily accessible as possible” Ms Mitchell added that there is a tailored section on the Back to School Hub for the many families impacted by the recent bushfire season.


Preparations for beginning or returning to school “have probably been the last thing on the minds of those affected by the fires,” Ms Mitchell said, and in recognition, there is specific advice and useful information to accommodate for these families after what has been a very traumatic time.


Other advice available to parents includes a NSW Government school calendar, emergency information about what to do in bushfires or adverse weather, advice on how to get involved in the school community, healthcare and immunisation guides, reading lists and support on how to help students with their mental health.


“I am confident the Back to School Hub will help parents be fully involved in ensuring their children are thoroughly prepared and looking forward to the new school year,” Ms Mitchell added.


Visit the Back to School hub here