Co-lab shows we need to invest more in early childhood
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Co-lab shows we need to invest more in early childhood

by Freya Lucas

October 18, 2019

The Sector yesterday reported on a major national study, into the cost of failing to provide early intervention services to children and young people, with authors calling for “smarter and wiser expenditure” to ensure children receive vital support services at a much earlier stage.


CoLab (Collaborate for Kids – a partnership between Telethon Kids Institute and Minderoo Foundation) have reinforced the importance and significance of the findings, saying the report “provides the Australian community the catalyst it needs for a renewed focus on how we can all make a difference to children from the early years.” 


Telethon Kids Institute director Jonathan Carapetis said the ‘How Australia can invest in children and return more’ report, based on the findings of the study, adds to the pool of research which shows that the first three years of a child’s life are crucial to their development and provides the foundation for a happy, healthy future. 


“We can’t keep waiting until children reach the point of crisis and require homelessness, health or welfare services” he said. 


His sentiments were shared by Woodside Energy CEO Peter Coleman ,who said the early years were crucial for building a happy, healthy and productive future workforce.


“We know there will always be a need for intervention services but acting before problems arise is a wise investment in stronger individuals, families and communities and can avoid costs later,” he said.


Tom McBride, Director of Evidence at Early Intervention Foundation UK said the analysis provided “a useful illustration of the scale of the potential of early intervention in Australia to reduce the frequency of problems requiring high-intensity, expensive public services, and their impact on young people’s lives.” 


To read a summary of the key findings of the report please see here

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