SA preschools eligible for new needs focused Inclusive Education Support Program

by Jason Roberts

October 04, 2019

A new South Australian Department of Education funding model, designed to support children with additional needs who are attending Government preschools and schools, is now entering its final implementation phase, with updated eligibility criteria and a streamlined application process. 


The Inclusive Education Support Program, which has been active since January 2019, has  eligibility criteria that has been developed to align with national disability legislation and guidelines. 


The focus is on a child’s needs rather than their diagnosis or label and, in turn, the program recognises a range of additional needs which may impact on a child’s learning, including learning difficulties, mental health, trauma, complex behaviours and complex health needs. 


Under the new arrangements, children and students with additional needs who require minor adjustments to their learning no longer need to be assessed or apply for funding. Rather, support can be accessed directly from the preschool or school via a site allocated Inclusive Education Support Program Grant.


Only children needing a more targeted support or intervention need to submit an application through the centralised panel process which has been made easier via a streamlining process. 


The new model was co-designed with parent groups, disability advocates and preschool and school representatives. 


For more information on the program please see here