Indigenous Literacy Day is coming - how will your service support?

Indigenous Literacy Day is coming – how will your service support?

by Freya Lucas

August 15, 2019

Three weeks from now, on Wednesday 4 September, Indigenous Literacy Day (ILD) will be celebrated, with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) marking the occasion with an English language launch of Nha Nhunu Nhanjal? at the Sydney Opera House. 


Written and illustrated by Yolŋgu Matha-speaking students from Nhulunbuy Primary School on the Gove Peninsula in North East Arnhem Land the book was launched at this year’s Garma Festival. An English edition is titled I Saw We Saw


Speaking at the Garma Festival, author and ILF ambassador, Richard Flanagan said: 

“Every language is a universe, and each universe allows us to understand what it is to be human in a different, larger and richer way. Like a basket woven out of many pieces of grass, many languages make our societies stronger and better.”


To mark Indigenous Literacy Day, the ILF have asked all Australians to help raise funds to ensure more books can be published and created for remote communities in language. 


A range of activities have been planned for ILD, designed to focus attention on the disadvantages experienced in remote communities, and to encourage the rest of Australia to raise funds and advocate for more equal access to literacy resources for remote communities. 


There are many ways for various arms of the community, including the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector to be involved including: 










For more information about the Foundation’s work, please see here