Launch into Learning scorecard released ahead of Federal election
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Launch into Learning scorecard released ahead of Federal election

by Freya Lucas

May 14, 2019

Advocacy group Launch into Learning has issued a scorecard summarising the policies and perspectives of the main political parties contesting the upcoming Federal election.


The Launch into Learning campaign is run by Early Learning and Care Council of Australia (ELACCA) – an alliance of early learning providers from across Australia.


The campaign was initiated in response to the one in five Australian children who begin school developmentally behind their peers. Acknowledging the critical importance of children’s brain development between the ages between three and five years,, the Launch into Learning campaign believes in giving all children access to early learning at this important time in their lives to launch them into their learning journeys.


In the lead up to the Federal election, Launch into Learning has called on all parties to commit to funding quality, play-based, age appropriate early learning for all three year olds, so that they can “start school ready to thrive”.


The campaign has also sought security for educators and teachers working in the early years, seeking a commitment by all levels of leadership to ongoing, secure funding for all educators; more programming time to plan quality programs; and, more professional development and mentoring. In addition, Launch into Learning is also campaigning for a new strategy to ensure Australia has enough qualified early childhood teachers to meet demand, and that those teachers receive the “recognition, respect and pay they deserve”.


In relation to its campaign objectives, Launch into Learning has issued the following scorecard:  



For a detailed analysis of the scoring mechanism, or to learn more, please see here.

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