Queensland Kindergartens encouraged to apply for Indigenous Language grants

Queensland Kindergartens encouraged to apply for Indigenous Language grants

by Freya Lucas

May 12, 2019

Up to $15,000 in grants are available for Queensland community organisations, including Queensland Government-approved kindergarten program providers, in support of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, the Queensland Department of Education have announced.


The Queensland Government’s Indigenous Languages Grants program encourages and supports the preservation of Aboriginal languages and Torres Strait Islander languages, and “reaffirms Queensland as a state with strong cultural values, diversity and heritage.”


Supporting people to preserve, speak and engage in society through their language of choice is “a critical part of providing equal access to opportunities, inclusion and supporting rich, cultural diversity in Queensland and globally.” a spokesperson said.


Organisations based in Queensland, including Government-approved kindergarten program providers and school parent associations can apply for a grant to:


  • deliver Indigenous-led language initiatives or activities that are co-designed between Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations


  • develop Indigenous language resources, including digital technology, in an accessible and culturally sensitive manner


  • facilitate activities that capture and preserve Indigenous languages


  • promote participation in teaching and learning of Indigenous languages


  • support the development and promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage and knowledge through language-focused initiatives.


Grant applications close Friday 31 May 2019. Grants of up to $15,000 can be applied for here.