ECLD19: Leading the ‘EdRevolution’ and taking a stand on the future of education
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ECLD19: Leading the ‘EdRevolution’ and taking a stand on the future of education

by Jason Roberts

March 19, 2019

Western Australia’s largest gathering of professionals supporting education and development of young children – the 2019 Early Childhood Learning and Development (ECLD19) Conference – will come to life next week on 29 and 30 March at the Crown Perth.


Keynote speaker, Mr Peter Hutton, Director of the Future Schools Alliance, will bring his transformational insight on how to implement change in early learning settings. Mr Hutton is an inspirational and revolutionary ‘game changer’ and is currently working with many schools to help change the future of education across Australia.


Peter Hutton.


“Australia’s academic growth has stagnated for a decade. Over 40 per cent of secondary school students are disengaged and no longer accept that the assignments they complete ‘will be useful to them one day’. Half of all teachers leave the profession within five years and 25 per cent of first year university students drop out. Top down educational reform has failed,” said Mr Hutton.


Delegates at ECLD19 will work with Mr Hutton to discover the latest developments in cutting-edge schooling that are engaging students and their parents from around the world with dramatic results. Combined with revealing the secrets of managing significant change in an educational setting, delegates will be empowered to make immediate practical changes, which is as much about mindset as it is about getting permission ‘from above’.


“It is time for educators to take control of not just the educational debate, but to take action in their classrooms, early learning centres, schools and communities,” Mr Hutton further added.


Mr Hutton will be joined by:


  • Professor Caroline Fewster – a much loved and dynamic speaker who will take delegates through high-quality practices and how to stay motivated for the benefit of all children. Caroline will share some rare insight and provide practical strategies to support best practice.


  • Dr Justin Coulson – a leading Australian relationship expert widely recognised for his no-nonsense approach to parenting. Dr Coulson will address the issues that matter most, using his analytical and practical approach to tackle challenges around relationships; from colleagues to the families that we work with. Dr Coulson will provide strategies for moving past conflict to reach a point of mutual trust, and take delegates through the myriad of anti-bullying programs, explaining why they don’t work and unpacking what will.


  • Dr Lou Cozolino – world-renowned neuroscience expert from the US, will take delegates on a journey through the social neuroscience of education, and sharing his world-renowned and invaluable insights on what great educators do to help stimulate the minds and brains of children to learn, especially with hard to reach “unteachable” children.


  • Dr Nat Kendall-Taylor – CEO of the Frame Works Institute in the US, is an expert in psychological anthropology and communications science and will help delegates focus on what we need to get passionate about, and how our words can help shape and change minds. Through the science of ‘framing’ Nat will guide delegates through the science of reframing critical messages particularly for difficult or challenging conversations with parents or colleagues.


Delegates will also be provided with a platform to develop their practice knowledge with sessions by key sector experts such as Dr Sandra Hesterman and Mr Liam McNicholas, plus the option to tailor their Conference experience with a choice of over 40 concurrent session presenters.


This not-to-be-missed event provides a collaborative learning environment, practical workshops, and networking opportunities for thought leaders, educators, academics, allied health professionals and other critically important practitioners working with children.


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