Big Fat Smile to Launch into Learning alongside ECEC sector
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Big Fat Smile to Launch into Learning alongside ECEC sector

by Freya Lucas

February 28, 2019
REIT update

Big Fat Smile has outlined its key requests for both side of politics in the lead up to the NSW state election and the federal election, while pledging its support for the ECEC sector-wide Launch into Learning campaign.


CEO Jenni Hutchins said that Big Fat Smile is proud of its ongoing commitment to children, families and communities, and being a part of sector-wide advocacy and leadership to improve early education was a key focus in terms of the strategic direction of the organisation.


Speaking about the Launch into Learning campaign launch, Ms Hutchins said, “With the NSW election fast approaching our leaders are listening more carefully than ever – we have a unique opportunity to have our voices heard to make a real difference to the future of our children. Join us! Sign the petition and spread the word to your friends and families.”


Outlining the core reasons behind Big Fat Smiles involvement in the campaign, Ms Hutchins said “We know that one in five children start school developmentally behind their peers, with this figure doubling to two in five when speaking about First Nations children.


“We have the opportunity in the critical brain development period in the years from birth to five to change the trajectory of a child’s life by establishing their learning pathway. Australia is behind other nations who already provide this type of quality, funded learning for their children.”


With the impending NSW and Federal elections, Big Fat Smile outlined the following as requests from all sides of politics:


  1. Significant investment to ensure all children attend two years of quality early learning before they begin primary school;
  2. Better support for children experiencing disadvantage or vulnerability to ensure they attend 600 hours of quality preschool programs;
  3. Fixing the Child Care Subsidy so that it supports all children’s access to preschool programs;
  4. A workforce plan for Australia to have sufficient highly trained early childhood teachers and educators – who are well paid and respected; and,
  5. An ongoing commitment to the National Quality Framework.


Big Fat Smile is seeking support from all corners of the ECEC sector in Australia, asking those committed to a future of fully funded, high-quality early years provision to:




  • talk to your friends and families about the importance of early learning and care to their children and their learning trajectory – some parents feel guilty about their children going to early learning and care.  


To learn more about the Launch into Learning campaign, visit the campaign website here.

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