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Educators invited to live their best lives

by Freya Lucas

February 27, 2019

A “life changing” program providing seven people with the opportunity to travel the world for six months – on an all expenses paid trip – is on offer to early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals aged 18-35, through the YourBestLife organisation.


The program invites young adults, including those working in ECEC, to travel the world in search of “personal and professional development”. The program organisers believe that cultural interaction and mutual learning are the best ways to develop the skills which are increasingly important in the modern workforce.


Recognising the benefits of travel in broadening the mind, the end goal of the program is to give more people the opportunity to gain knowledge from intercultural experiences, contributing to personal development and professional growth.

The seven chosen participants will participate in a program that covers all expenses including flights, food, accommodation, insurance and activities-in addition to US$1,500 per month to each participant for extras.


Organisers of the program said they want to create a “humanisers” movement, where participants are part of a growing group of people who want to “bring the world closer together by contributing through actions large or small, conducted in a non-invasive and tolerant way, integrated with local communities”.


This type of social impact is one of the pillars of the program, which focuses on three global challenges: environmental preservation, wildlife protection and social entrepreneurship.


The participants in the inaugural program will be “world citizens between 18-35 years old, each embodying a different and complementary profile: traveller, never-travelled, adventurer, communicator, storyteller, story-writer and change-maker”.


The destination countries in the program include Costa Rica, Peru, South Africa, Reunion Island, India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Ireland and Portugal, all of which were chosen in order to offer a global vision in terms of location, climate, culture and challenges.


The selection process will be conducted by Randstad Portugal, one of the main partners of the project, alongside Sony, Skyhour and WeChangers. WeChangers is a social action start-up that will choose 25 local charities to be supported by the program through monetary contributions and volunteer work by the participants.


Applications will be open until November 2019 at


The program hopes to develop interpersonal competencies, impact communities and inspire with stories and actions through the program’s pillars –  belonging and fun, social impact, life career) that will guide the activities, which include leisure, volunteering and learning.

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