ACT confirms investment in the early years
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ACT confirms investment in the early years

by Freya Lucas

October 17, 2018

In an interview at Forest Primary school yesterday, Amanda Rishworth, Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education and Development, along with Yvette Berry, ACT Deputy Chief Minister confirmed the ACT Government’s commitment to funding Universal Access to preschool.



Ms Berry described the ACT’s aspiration to roll-out preschool education for four year olds, and expand the program to include three year olds.



“The funding that’s being announced by the Labor Opposition will provide an opportunity for the ACT to roll that out even quicker than we had previously arranged.”


Ms Rishworth expressed her disappointment in the lack of enthusiasm from the current Government in relation to preschool funding, before outlining the benefits of a Labor Government funding proposal, which she says will support 10,000 children in the ACT, and provide an additional $16 million in preschool funding.



Affirming a Labor Commonwealth Government’s commitment to partnering with the ACT for preschool funding, Ms Rishworth said the investment would mean the ACT could roll out three year old funded preschool faster, and be able to deliver the program in multiple settings.



“Speaking with parents here, and speaking with parents right around the country, I know that they do want an investment in the early years. They see education, and particularly early education, as a down payment for their child’s future, and what could be more important than that?”



Under Labor’s plan, from 2021, 9,000 three year olds and 10,000 four year olds in the ACT will be able to access 15 hours of subsidised care.


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