Apply for the Little Scientists Early STEM Award, to recognise inquiry based ECEC STEM

by Freya Lucas

March 11

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) services who have interesting ideas for a STEM exploration, or who already run a STEM project with the children in their service have been invited to gain recognition for their work, via the biennial Little Scientists Early STEM Award


The award recognises and celebrates early childhood services that have successfully implemented inquiry-based learning and child-led STEM exploration. The award is open to all Australian early childhood services who wish to showcase their inquiry-based STEM project.


In 2020, the award theme ‘Quirky Curious Futures’, encourages participants to let their imaginations fly. 


“Playing with quirky ideas, letting children’s curiosity run wild and creating their own vision of the future. Imagine what our transport and cities could look like, imagine life on a different planet or invent useful gadgets,” a Little Scientists spokesperson said. 


Nominations opened on 2 March, and are received via an expression of interest form, which is then responded to with an award entry form. Those interested in entering the awards should select one project to showcase their implementation of inquiry-based STEM, and should include the children’s ideas, investigations, discoveries and approach in your entry form.


Once all entries have been received, they will be assessed by a jury panel of early childhood and STEM professionals. Each entry will be assessed against the following criteria: 

  • Originality

  • STEM content

  • Project scope

  • Child-led focus

  • Inquiry-based focus.

Following the assessment process, one national winner and eight state and territory winners will be selected and recognised with an award ceremony, attended by a member of the Little Scientists team to present the prize package. The prize package  includes the following, with more prizes to be announced shortly: 



Completed entries should be e-mailed to , along with supporting photos and documentation. Nominations close 31 May 2020. 


More information about the awards can be found here