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Nicola Russell


Nic Russell is the owner of South East Yoga and Wellbeing.  She creates and facilitates yoga and mindfulness programs for children and young people in early learning services, schools and yoga studios.  As well as conducting workshops for Educators.

Nic has been working in education for over 25 years.  Starting out in the Early Years sector and now working as a TAFE teacher in the Early Childhood Education VCAL program, alongside currently teaching children’s and youth yoga in a local yoga studio, teaching adult meditation and yoga at a wellbeing centre and running her yoga business.

Nic is a level 1 yoga teacher, qualified children’s yoga teacher and has certified training in yoga therapy for children and youth, trauma sensitive yoga, mindfulness, meditation and mental health first aid.

She is the Victorian representative for Yoga Australia’s Yoga for Children Working Group, providing advice relating to the advocacy of yoga for children.
Her passion is in supporting children’s and youth social and emotional wellbeing, through the implementation of yoga and mindfulness.


Nic believes that all early childhood professionals have the capability to embed fun, engaging yoga and mindfulness programs that can impact whole services, they just need to be shown how.

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Articles by Nicola Russell

Lashing out or asking for help? An alternative view of supporting behaviour

It’s morning and Eddie walks through the door to the kindergarten. He says hello and you give him your full attention. He persists to engage you in conversation long after the initial greeting. You are busy talking to other children and remind him that you are speaking to someone else. He doesn’t listen and continues to demand your attention. You stop what you are doing, give him your undivided attention and assist in settling him in to care.

9 months

by Nicola Russell

Supporting parents with mixed emotions as children return to education and care

As children return to education and care settings around Australia, many parents are experiencing mixed emotions. There may be feelings of jubilation and joy as children leave the house; a sense of normality returning or feelings of a looming sense of trepidation and uncertainty as to whether their child will become infected with COVID-19.

1 year

by Nicola Russell

Seven ways yoga can reset children’s social and emotional wellbeing

Conversations about children struggling to regulate their stress levels or to manage their anxiety are more prevalent than ever before. Stressed and anxious children are often children who show heightened behaviour, which in turn leads to stress and anxiety in those who care for them.

2 years

by Nicola Russell

A place of belonging - Building a positive culture within the ECEC workplace

Building a sense of belonging within an early childhood education and care (ECEC) service is more than a “have to”. Educators know, after all, that one of the core components to the Early Years Learning Framework and the Framework for School Age Care is belonging - one of those three wonderful “b” words that outline the work we do with children and families every single day - but what does a sense of community look like, beyond being a requirement for meeting our obligations under the approved learning frameworks?

2 years

by Nicola Russell

Finding your fun again: bringing back joy, amusement and light-hearted pleasure

As an adult, I have rediscovered consistent fun - the everyday kind of fun, the fun that happens in little moments all around me. I’m not sure when I lost the ability to see and find regular fun each day, but I have some ideas about why I might have lost it.

2 years

by Nicola Russell

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