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Michelle Walsh


I have been lucky enough to spend my career in a range of roles, including Early Childhood Teacher, Centre Manager, Validator (Assessor), Trainer, Operations Manager leading and managing 10 Early Education centres and as a Regional Manager responsible for leading and managing 88 centres across two states. My responsiblities included Operational management, Fiscal management of the portfolio and Leadership to inspire and engage the team.

My passion lies with helping families, educators and leaders to flourish in order for our children to have the best environment in which to grow up. I have a special interest in Positive psychology and the theory of Wellbeing and in particular work around transcendence and gratitude. I aim to get families, educators, leaders, teachers, educational institutions and other organisations excited about the practices of positive psychology in leadership, education and parenting. I aim to spread the practice of ‘Living on Hourglass Time’ which I came up with in October 2017.

I believe that with great leadership we have the opportunity to change people’s lives.
I look forward to speaking with anyone who is interested in training or mentoring in relation to Early Childhood Education including the EYLF/MTOP/VEYLF and NQF, Leadership, Positive Education and Positive Parenting.

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