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Inside Mary Elizabeth’s House – Online

September 28, 2021

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KU Children’s Services

Inside Mary Elizabeth’s House – ONLINE


This project undertaken by the learning community at KU Bradfield Park Children’s Centre across a twelve-month period, showcases what can happen when educators trust children as co-constructors of curriculum. The evolution of ideas, testing of theories and the active participation in thinking, dialogue and learning enabled a small community of learners the opportunity to reframe their practice, reshape the learning landscape and imagine new ways of being with children as pedagogical companions. Inspired by the words of Ann Pelo (2019) who suggests “Great Ideas have wings. They take you somewhere. With them, you can raise questions that can’t be answered…” educators embraced the children’s ideas and questions as the catalyst for sophisticated research.

Unpacking the birth of a big idea, participants will explore a culture of sustained shared thinking and learning and will engage with some of the practical skills and knowledge required to support children’s evolving theories. With each new contemplation, new lines of inquiry were launched, and educators’ offerings expanded to include resources such as MakeDo, Circuits, Green-Screen technologies, animation and digital book making. This workshop will invite educators to view children as agentic thinkers and theorists and support educators to effectively engage with STEM learning as a significant asset to children’s complex thinking.

The yearlong investigation into Mary Elizabeth’s House, is an example of what can happen when children lead curriculum decisions, and educators remain open to listen and find the resources and skills to make magic happen.

9:30 AM – 12:00 PM AEDT

2 hours 30 minutes


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