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Guiding Children’s Behaviour in Practice – 3 part online series

February 01, 2022

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KU Children’s Services


Guiding Children’s Behaviour in Practice – 3 part online series




This professional learning aims to promote and build Educator’s knowledge of children’s social and emotional development and build their capacity to apply this to all children especially those presenting with challenging behaviour. It uses a proactive approach to promote positive socially responsible behaviour. Key concepts participants will learn include:


• Understanding child development in relation to children’s behaviour
• Understanding and reflecting on practice relating to social and emotional wellbeing and environments.
• Understanding physical environments.
• Understanding behaviour has a communicative function
• Interpreting and responding to challenging behaviours


It will identify the key components related to promoting positive behaviour in children using the KU Guiding Children’s Behaviour Resources bundle, which includes:
1. Guiding Children’s Behaviour: Promoting relationships and responding positively to challenging behaviour
2. Guiding Children’s Behaviour in Practice: A team approach


Participants each receive one copy of the KU Guiding Children’s Behaviour Resource Bundle included in registration cost.


This event is suitable for all early childhood professionals


Presenter – Keran Elgie
Keran brings skills and knowledge from a career spanning 30 years in Early Childhood Education. Keran has worked in a range of settings as a teacher, director, Education Support Manager and Professional Learning Manager. Keran enjoys engaging with educators to support and extend their learning while offering opportunities for critical thinking and implications for practice.



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