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Aboriginal S.T.E.M. Suite

November 16, 2020

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The Aboriginal Early Childhood Collective


Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) are ancient knowledge. Because we know that Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are the oldest living culture in the world, the sciences, technologies, engineering and maths knowledge and practices are the most developed and sophisticated on this planet. The Aboriginal STEM Suite is a selection of the presentations from The Aboriginal STEM Summit 2020.

The Aboriginal STEM Suite is an inspiring set of online presentations from Aboriginal and non-Indigenous presenters sharing the ways in which they engage with Aboriginal STEM knowledge and approaches in educational and community practice.

The Aboriginal STEM Suite includes 8 presentations and accompanying PDF worksheets with reflective questions, notes and links to relevant resources to support you to bring Aboriginal STEM knowledge and practices into your everyday curriculum.


  • STEM in the classroom and incorporating Bush-tucker – Cathy Gillespie and Kirby Barker
  • Sky Stories and Astronomy – Garry Purchase
  • STEM Based Learning in Early Childhood – Courtney Glazebrook
  • Brains, Robots, Moon Halos and Country: Inspirations from Leading Aboriginal STEM Pedagogies – Dr Red Ruby Scarlet
  • Working with the Seasons – Benny Thatcher
  • Caring for country and agricultural practices – Uncle Noel and Aunty Trish Butler
  • Bush Tucker with Jess – Jessica Staines
  • ‘Gifts from Country’… Planning With Places and Spaces – Dr Red Ruby Scarlet


How it works

  • Access to the STEM Suite is via our online learning platform. Once you purchase the STEM Suite you will receive a separate email asking you to complete your log in and set your own password.
  • Certificates of completion are automatically issued when you complete ALL the videos in the STEM Suite.
  • To have your PD hours recorded with NESA, please email [email protected] with your first name, last name, NESA number, and your order confirmation number.
  • You will have 12 months of access to complete your STEM Suite training.


Group Access

  • STEM Suite access is for individual use only. Publicly playing or displaying the contents of any of the STEM Suite presentations will be considered a breach of copyright and your access will be revoked immediately.
  • If you require access for multiple participants, please contact us directly on [email protected] so that we can set up accounts for each of your users.



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