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C&K CEO Jane Bourne to retire after 52 Years in early childhood education and advocacy

C&K have confirmed that Jane Bourne will be stepping down from her role as Chief Executive Officer which she has held for three years in a move that will mark the end of a fifty two year career working in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector.

7 hours

by Jason Roberts

If I catch COVID-19 at work what are my rights? A law expert explains

The transition to “living with COVID” makes contracting the virus at work a distinct possibility, even with high vaccination rates.

15 hours

by Freya Lucas

Teaching early childhood education in Victoria has never been more rewarding

‘Growing the early childhood education workforce is critical for the statewide roll-out of Three-Year-Old Kinder. This is the biggest reform in the history of early childhood education in Victoria.’ – Ingrid Stitt, Minister for Early Childhood Education, Victoria

22 hours

by Freya Lucas

Neurodiversity can be a workplace strength, if we make room for it

Emma can recognise patterns within complex code. James can develop several different solutions when faced with complicated problems. But it is unlikely either will find a job where they can put their specialist skills to work — or any job, actually.

2 days

by Freya Lucas

Bound for burnout: Early childhood educators are swimming against a gendered, micromanaged tide

Burnout is rife in the early childhood sector, with educators saying burnout, administrative overload and overwork are the reason they want to leave early. Alarmingly, up to 73% of educators say they wish to leave the sector in the next 5 years. Our educators are swimming against a fast-moving tide.

2 days

by Freya Lucas

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