How children describe their role in organising the materials in a kindergarten classroom

Early childhood teachers have many roles in a classroom – mentor, therapist, nurse, scientist, and judge, to name a few – but one of the main roles is teaching the foundational skills through organising and providing resources in the classroom space.

1 month

by Freya Lucas

Children as content creators: 'Learning by doing' during the pandemic using technology

Instructional design in education - that is successfully designing what a student will learn and how they will learn it, both online and  physical - is currently experiencing unprecedented attention and growth, which could prove to be one of the best things to come out of the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  All educators who are planning and preparing lessons for students to learn at home will be currently grappling with Instructional design.

5 months

by Freya Lucas

Evaluation finds significant skill gain for children who joined three-year-old pilot in Tas

A recent evaluation of the Tasmanian Working Together – supporting early learning pilot, which gave eligible children an opportunity to participate in up to 400 hours of free, quality early learning in the year before they start kindergarten, found that parents of children participating felt their children “had gained skills which significantly contributed to a successful transition to kindergarten”.

6 months

by Freya Lucas

New best practice resource to boost communication in young children launched

Communication, curiosity and conversation are all key predictors of young children’s success later in life, according to best practice resources on early childhood education recently launched in Brisbane, with the backing of Social Ventures Australia-backed education not-for-profit Evidence for Learning.

9 months

by Freya Lucas

Using evidence to help build and evaluate good ideas in education technology

As researchers, we care that our educational systems improve, support all learners, and are grounded solidly in research evidence. But how do we work with stakeholders like educational technology startups to support effective use of that evidence? Researchers and practitioners worry about this, because we care about evaluating and scaling good ideas. By ‘scaling’ we mean adjusting and improving good ideas as they are rolled out and used.

10 months

by Freya Lucas

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