Early life impacts the brain’s biological and functional development, researchers find

A new study by a team of neuroscientists has found that learning and memory abilities may vary, depending on the nature of individual experiences in early life.

32 minutes ago

by Freya Lucas

WA announces new Early Years Initiative to improve development and learning

Collaborate for Kids (CoLab) has recently announced that it will participate in an Early Years Initiative (EYI) aimed at improving the development and learning of children from conception to age four in WA.

6 days ago

by Freya Lucas

When shaping children’s lives, the love between parents is key to long term outcomes

While parents can often find it difficult to make time to nurture their relationship once they become parents, researchers from the University of Michigan have found that those who are able to maintain a loving and healthy relationship have children who stay engaged with education for longer, and marry later in life.

13 days ago

by Freya Lucas

1 in 5 kids start school with health or emotional difficulties that challenge their learning

Teachers identify one in five children as having emerging health or developmental concerns when they start school. This might include a child being disruptive, having difficulties understanding the teacher’s instructions, or experiencing fears and anxieties at a level that makes it difficult for them to learn.

14 days ago

by Meredith O'Connor, Murdoch Children's Research Institute; Jon Quach, University of Melbourne, and Sharon Goldfeld, University of Melbourne

No app can replace a lap – why experts are concerned about the rise of digital stories

Literacy specialists have expressed concern about the rise of digital storytelling websites, which feature celebrities reading children’s books, worried that children are missing out on the benefits of “live reading”, such as language development, critical thinking, problem solving, and memory.

17 days ago

by Freya Lucas