The role of nicknames in developing shared workplace identity, building relationships

Whether it’s The Flash for the manager who pops in and out of rooms in a centre so quickly that she is a blur, or The Shadow for the authorised officer who is spending multiple days at a service conducting an assessment and rating visit, nicknames are often used to exert power, or to help workmates band together during difficult moments.

8 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Little bodies, big hearts – babies are altruistic givers, UW researchers find

Giving away something desirable, even at a cost to oneself is the core concept of altruism a selfless concern for the well-being of others. Human adults will often respond altruistically to another in need, sharing food through food banks or fundraisers, but researchers from the University of Washington (UW) wanted to know where does altruism start?

9 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Amaze challenges educators and others to Change their Reactions to Autism

Everyday life is lonely and isolating for more than half of Australian children and families living with autism spectrum disorder, and 40 per cent of those surveyed said they sometimes struggle to leave the house because they’re concerned about being subjected to discriminatory or negative behaviours in the community.

10 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Want to make the world a better place? Start with parents, make strong families UQ says

Parenting can transform children, families, communities and big global problems, and the pathway to addressing many of the world’s biggest social problems could be found in improved parenting, according to an international parenting conference presented by The University of Queensland (UQ) and the Life Course Centre in Brisbane.

21 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Why ‘fake it til you make it’ doesn’t work when it comes to workplace happiness

Researchers from the University of Arizona have found that the “fake it til you make it” adage often backfires when it is used with co-workers, and that faking a positive attitude can actually do more harm than good in a workplace setting.

37 days ago

by Freya Lucas