SA preschool directors to receive wellbeing support

A wellbeing program to support South Australian preschool directors in managing the significant emotional demands of their roles, has begun this week thanks to the South Australian Department of Education.

a day ago

by Lyndsie Clark

Behaviour issues being mislabelled due to poor diagnosis of sleep apnea, study shows

Up to 15 per cent of children have sleep disordered breathing (SDB), including obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) , yet up to 90 per cent are undiagnosed, with researchers from the American Osteopathic Association cautioning that SBD can impair brain development, cause cognitive delay, and present as behavioural problems.

2 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Weight gain in early childhood affects teenage heart health, Australian study finds

Excessive weight gain in children under two years can lead to cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors in teenage years, including increased cholesterol, being overweight, and having fat around the middle, new research from the University of Sydney has found.

3 days ago

by Lyndsie Clark

Urgent call for epilepsy specific training – “First aid is not enough” EA says

Less than 5 per cent of education sites across Australia have received epilepsy specific training, exposing children to unnecessarily high levels of risk, Epilepsy Australia (EA) has said.

4 days ago

by Freya Lucas

New child protection screenings required in South Australia from July 1

New “stronger, nationally consistent” screening laws for those wanting to work or volunteer with children in South Australia are set to come into effect from July 1 2019.

7 days ago

by Freya Lucas