Read aloud to children to boost their vocabulary

Words are powerful, and a rich vocabulary can provide young people with significant advantages. Successful vocabulary development is associated with better vocational, academic and health outcomes.

2 days ago

by Margaret Kristin Merga, Edith Cowan University

Two years of high-quality teacher/child interactions predict children’s learning outcomes

US-based researcher, Robert Carr, along with researchers from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, has found that higher quality learning environments in the years before school are associated with ongoing high levels in children’s language and literacy skills, regardless of the quality of the school-based classrooms they went on to learn in.

4 days ago

by Freya Lucas

UK Select Committee accuses UK ECEC system of “entrenching disadvantage”

Parliamentarians in the United Kingdom have called on the sitting Government to urgently review the 30 hour childcare package to address what they termed as the “perverse consequences” of the programs implementation, which they say are contributing to a “growing gap between disadvantaged children and their peers”

7 days ago

by Freya Lucas

More support needed for educators to support children with autism to manage anxiety

Professional development is needed to increase educator knowledge about behaviour in children with autism who are experiencing anxiety, researchers from Queensland’s Griffith University have said.

7 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Bullying in the early years leads to depression later in life, study finds

A new study of 198 two and three year olds engaged in early learning in Canada has found that children who both bully and are themselves bullied are more likely to show signs of childhood depression, and are more likely to experience depression later in life.

8 days ago

by Freya Lucas