Department of Education to explore support system for 430 FDC providers in SA

The South Australian Government has tasked the South Australian Department for Education with exploring “whether there is a better way to support the more than 430 small businesses offering family day care (FDC) and respite care” in the state.

22 days ago

by Freya Lucas

More than 4,500 educators unite in NZ calling for full time nature based childcare

A petition signed by over 4,500 New Zealand educators, childcare centres and parents will be presented to the New Zealand Government this week, calling for a change in regulations and a new licence type, which would allow full time nature based childcare in the country, local news source TVNZ has reported.

2 months ago

by Freya Lucas

FairWork Ombudsman will identify rule breaking employers in pay based crackdown

In a statement outlining her priorities as the FairWork Ombudsman in the new financial year, Sandra Parker issued a stern and decisive warning to employers, including those within the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector, who underpay workers or deprive them of entitlements, saying “we will use our new powers and publically name employers breaking the law to get the message out that it is not acceptable. Employers who do this will get caught”.

2 months ago

by Freya Lucas

Changes to the UK A&R framework to commence in September

UK early childhood education and care (ECEC) regulatory body, Ofsted, has confirmed changes to the way in which early years providers, schools and colleges are inspected after receiving “strong support” from three quarters of consultation respondents for a refocus on “the substance of education,” Nursery World has reported.

3 months ago

by Freya Lucas

Reducing the red tape around childcare

The recent Select Senate Committee on Red Tape on Childcare aimed to identify and address issues relating to the regulation on the early childhood education and care sector. Former Victorian Regulatory Authority compliance manager and solicitor Mick Ogrizek discusses the findings, and provides a perspective on where the Committee fell short.

4 months ago

by Mick Ogrizek