It takes a village to raise a clever baby, research shows

When new parents, especially mothers, have a strong social network of friends to support them, their toddlers score better on cognitive tests than those with a smaller social network, researchers from the United States have found.

2 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Even smoking outside doesn’t stop exposure to third hand smoke residue and chemicals

Bans on smoking inside aren’t doing as much to protect children as previously thought, researchers from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre, and the University of Cincinnati have found, showing the lingering nicotine on the fingers of smokers is placing children at risk.

3 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Two years of high-quality teacher/child interactions predict children’s learning outcomes

US-based researcher, Robert Carr, along with researchers from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, has found that higher quality learning environments in the years before school are associated with ongoing high levels in children’s language and literacy skills, regardless of the quality of the school-based classrooms they went on to learn in.

4 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Bullying in the early years leads to depression later in life, study finds

A new study of 198 two and three year olds engaged in early learning in Canada has found that children who both bully and are themselves bullied are more likely to show signs of childhood depression, and are more likely to experience depression later in life.

8 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Mothers make great leaders, but are we supporting them to do so? US report says no

Working women face a negative effect on their careers as they grow their families, while being seen as bringing skills to the workplace that can actually make them the best leaders, the US-based Bright Horizons’ fifth-annual Modern Family Index (MFI) has found.

16 days ago

by Lyndsie Clark