Childhood neglect leaves marks which last for generations, researchers find

While it is widely understood that early life experiences can have a significant effect on brain development and neurobiological health, new research from Emory University, Atlanta USA has found that this impact can be passed down to subsequent generations.

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by Freya Lucas

When it comes to building IQ, nurture makes a significant difference, research finds

Preschoolers who live in impoverished communities, but who have access to a nurturing home environment have significantly higher intelligence quotient (IQ) scores in adolescence compared to those raised without nurturing care, a new international study from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) has found.

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by Freya Lucas

It's not just ABCs – preschool parents worry their kids are missing out on critical social skills during the pandemic

As COVID-19 cases once again spike across the country, parents in school districts like New York City and Detroit face another weeks long stretch of remote learning. This often includes preschool parents, whose children range in age from 3 to 6 and are often too young to manage virtual learning on their own.

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by Freya Lucas

When children sing and play, they're also becoming scientific explorers

Young children engage in scientific thinking and actions long before they enter a classroom. They do all sorts of things in their pursuit of knowledge: poking, pulling, tasting, pounding, shaking and experimenting. This demonstrates their need to learn and naturally seek out problems to solve.

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by Freya Lucas

Kids as young as 3 years old think YouTube is better for learning than other types of video

Young kids believe that YouTube videos are better for learning than TV shows or videos created on a researcher’s smartphone. They also view people in YouTube videos to be more real than those on TV but less real than those featured in a researcher-created smartphone video. These are the major findings from a pre-COVID-19 study conducted in U.S. children’s museums in 2019.

2 months

by Freya Lucas

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