UK’s ACECQA suspends all assessment and rating visits – will Australia follow suit?

Ofsted, the national regulatory authority in England, roughly equivalent to ACECQA in Australia, has suspended all routine inspections early learning and other educational settings, saying “ it is clearly the right thing to do when teachers and social workers are under pressure as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. We all need to support them in their work”.

19 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Does spoon-feeding really make babies overweight?

Deciding when and how to introduce babies to solid foods can be overwhelming for parents. But aside from timing and amount, could how babies are introduced to solid foods also make a difference to their health?

85 days ago

by Amy Brown, Swansea University; Hannah Rowan, Swansea University, and Sara Wyn Jones, Swansea University

Childhood deprivation affects brain size and behaviour

The human brain goes through dramatic developmental changes in the first years of life. During this period it is particularly sensitive to environmental influences. This sensitivity helps babies learn and develop, but it also leaves them vulnerable to negative experiences, such as maltreatment, which can have a lasting physical and psychological impact.

90 days ago

by Nuria Mackes, King's College London

How male teachers can help to challenge gender roles in nursery school education

Recent figures show that there is still a large gender gap in recruitment to the teaching profession – only 38% of secondary school teachers are male, and 26% in primaries. In preschools – or nursery – it’s even worse. Here, men make up just 2% of the workforce.

106 days ago

by Jo Warin, Lancaster University

Underpaid and undervalued: the reality of childcare work in the UK

Despite the important job they do, wages for people working in childcare tend to be low. These workers earn less than the average wage across all UK employment sectors and barely half that of qualified teachers.

119 days ago

by Eva Lloyd, University of East London