Health and wellbeing depends on two hours a week spent in nature, researchers find

There is a crucial threshold of spending enough time in nature for the promotion of health and wellbeing, according to a new large scale study conducted by the University of Exeter, with researchers finding that the “sweet spot” is at least two hours per week.

5 hours ago

by Freya Lucas

Forest schools: how climbing trees and making dens can help children develop resilience

Despite all the research that tells parents how good it is for their children to spend time playing outside, they are spending more time indoors than ever before. It seems that concerns about the dangers of climbing trees or getting lost means that many parents are nervous about allowing their children to engage in risky play.

3 days ago

by Janine Coates, Loughborough University and Helena Pimlott-Wilson, Loughborough University

Precious Pipis Childcare leads the way in sustainable practice

A childcare centre in rural New Zealand is leading the way in the country by reducing the amount of waste it produces each day, and in finding innovative ways to engage in sustainable practices.

6 days ago

by Freya Lucas

How culture influences children’s development

From educational toys to governmental guidelines and detailed nursery progress reports, there are lots of resources available to help parents track and facilitate their children’s development. But while there are tricks we can use to teach children to talk, count, draw or respect others, a surprisingly big part of how they develop is determined by the culture they grow up in.

10 days ago

by Ching-Yu Huang, Bournemouth University

Adversity in early life creates executive function challenges for children, research finds

Children who experience adverse experiences or trauma in their early life are profoundly affected in many ways. Researchers have noted, in particular, the impact on a child’s executive functioning skills that is, the ability to focus, organise tasks and to self regulate in order to achieve a goal.

12 days ago

by Freya Lucas