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It’s 7 am. It’s raining and cold, your child’s favourite socks are still damp, and they can’t find the drawing they spent an hour on last night, which they wanted to show their best friend. Imagine having advice from a clinical psychologist, who specialised in anxiety, who could assist you in staying calm and navigating those challenging emotions. It’s a dream many parents can buy into, and scenarios such as this are part of the motivation for Sam Jockel, who established ParentTV “the Netflix of parenting resources”.

5 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Turning preschool into a pipeline for female engineers

Alice is standing at the back. From the look on her face, she’s desperately wanting to get her hands on the cardboard strips and add to the bridge that’s forming in front of what looks like an impenetrable wall of boys. The children are all jostling for prime position to extend and strengthen the engineering feat that’s been bestowed upon them by their early-childhood teacher.

11 days ago

by Professor Marilyn Fleer

Early-years education online: the rise of the virtual preschool

Legislators in North Carolina in the US recently passed a bill to fund an online preschool program for ‘at risk’ children. This means that children aged three and four years can take their preschool education at home in the form of online ‘kindergarten readiness programs’. Children engage with online games, ‘virtual field-trips’ and other digital learning activities, while parents are sent teachers’ guides and boxes of resources.

13 days ago

by Neil Selwyn, Professor, Faculty of Education, Monash University

Community Trauma Toolkit created to assist educators to support families after traumatic events

Australia is a land of extremes floods, fires, storms and other weather events all form part of the reality of children and families as they live and grow in our country. To assist communities and sectors, such as early childhood education and care (ECEC) who work with children and families, the team from Emerging Minds have created a Community Trauma Toolkit.

17 days ago

by Freya Lucas

Mini Melbourne makes Minecraft magic for Victorian OSHC children

Supported by the Victorian Government, popular children’s computer game, Minecraft, has received an educational and creativity boost through the creation of a virtual world of Melbournes underground history and landmarks including the Metro Tunnel.

a month ago

by Freya Lucas