Second round of 2019 ELSA STEM workshops held in Cairns

Early Learning STEM Australia (ELSA) is a play-based digital learning program for preschool aged children, designed to support them to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts. Educators from around Australia involved in its pilot trial recently gathered in Cairns for the second in a series of workshops to support the implementation of the program.

a month ago

by Freya Lucas

The soft, comfy, social robots are coming, with children as young as four ready to learn

Researchers from Cornell University noted that when it comes to ‘social robotics’ robots who are autonomous and communicate with humans following social behaviours and rules (such as the Miko robot, a tool to “educate children, understand their emotions, play games and narrate stories”) all look the same hard, plastic and cold.

3 months ago

by Freya Lucas

Is there an alternative to addressing workforce shortages in the ECEC sector?

It is well known that the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector is concerned about workforce shortages, hiring and retaining staff, and paying competitive salaries, with advocacy groups lobbying for parity pay for early childhood teachers in the lead up to the Australian Federal election. But is there a way that ECEC providers can address the issue irrespective of the outcome of the election?

4 months ago

by Liddy Korner, Talent Now

HEI Schools named a finalist in World Changing Ideas Award 2019

Selected from over 2,000 entries, HEI Schools has been named a finalist in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Award 2019 for its work in “globalising nordic wellbeing through education”.

4 months ago

by Lyndsie Clark

US-based outdoor play specialist Tinkergarten receives $21M investment boost

Tinkergarten, a United States-based ‘pioneer’ in dedicated outdoor play-based learning classes for young children, has announced that it has secured a $21 million investment to help it expand its geographic reach and to develop its brand globally.

5 months ago

by Jason Roberts