Nic Russell is the owner of South East Yoga and Wellbeing.  She creates and facilitates yoga and mindfulness programs for children and young people in early learning services, schools and yoga studios.  As well as conducting workshops for Educators.

Nic has been working in education for over 25 years.  Starting out in the Early Years sector and now working as a TAFE teacher in the Early Childhood Education VCAL program, alongside currently teaching children’s and youth yoga in a local yoga studio, teaching adult meditation and yoga at a wellbeing centre and running her yoga business.

Nic is a level 1 yoga teacher, qualified children’s yoga teacher and has certified training in yoga therapy for children and youth, trauma sensitive yoga, mindfulness, meditation and mental health first aid.

She is the Victorian representative for Yoga Australia’s Yoga for Children Working Group, providing advice relating to the advocacy of yoga for children.
Her passion is in supporting children’s and youth social and emotional wellbeing, through the implementation of yoga and mindfulness.


Nic believes that all early childhood professionals have the capability to embed fun, engaging yoga and mindfulness programs that can impact whole services, they just need to be shown how.

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Practising essential risky play safely in ECEC settings to boost children’s wellbeing

If I were to ask you what memorable outdoor play you experienced as a child, what recollections would you have?

3 months ago

by Nicola Russell

Keeping your cool when working in ECEC

Have you ever felt like you’ve wanted to throw your hands in the air, stamp your feet or just scream out loud, when you’re working with children? Working with children in early childhood education and care (ECEC) settings can be a demanding and challenging role.

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by Nicola Russell

The importance of environmental aesthetics to educator and child wellbeing

Imagine walking into an early childhood education and care (ECEC) space that is dominated with loud splashes of colour and mismatched furniture. Walls cluttered with children’s artwork, as well as childrens creations piling up on the benches. The outside view obscured by poster-painted windows. Toys strewn across tables and floors. Shelving which houses plastic containers with an assortment of random objects. Children’s clothing dumped unceremoniously on the floor or under and around bags. The noise level rising as everyone competes to be heard and the room appears to be in complete disarray.

5 months ago

by Nicola Russell

Want to be a better educator? Practice mindfulness, get to know your thoughts

Educator wellbeing has received increased attention for awhile now, with organisations such as Smiling Mind developing mindfulness programs for the workplace to improve staff performance and mental health.

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by Nicola Russell

ECEC services using yoga to support children’s behaviour

Is using yoga to support behaviour in young children just another trend or does it really work? Sector Contributor Nic Russell of South East Yoga and Wellbeing shares her thoughts below.

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by Nicola Russell