Mick Ogrizek is an experienced member of the early childhood education and care (ECEC) community, having spent three years as the manager of monitoring and compliance at the Victorian Regulatory Authority. Prior to his role with the Regulatory Authority, Mick was involved in operational policy development with the Victorian Police force, was an experienced solicitor with 17 years experience of running his own firm, several qualifications in Law, the Arts and Investigation and Regulation. Mick publishes the Australian Childcare Regulation blog which covers all matters to do with ECEC compliance and regulation in Australia. 

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The Importance of Compliance

According to the International Compliance Association, compliance describes the ability to act according to an order, set of rules or request.”

295 days ago

by Mick Ogrizek

Reducing the red tape around childcare

The recent Select Senate Committee on Red Tape on Childcare aimed to identify and address issues relating to the regulation on the early childhood education and care sector. Former Victorian Regulatory Authority compliance manager and solicitor Mick Ogrizek discusses the findings, and provides a perspective on where the Committee fell short.

1 year ago

by Mick Ogrizek

The importance of publishing Enforcement Actions under the Education and Care Services National Law

State or Territory Regulatory Authorities under the National Law may publish information about enforcement action taken against approved providers, services, and educators, relating to breaches of the National Law and Regulations (under section 270(5)). Here, former Victorian Regulatory Authority compliance manager and solicitor, Mick Ogrizek outlines the value found in publishing these actions.

2 years ago

by Mick Ogrizek